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released October 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Giant Robot and the City of Tokyo Seattle, Washington

Sometimes a band but most of the time not a band.

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Track Name: Giving Up
It's so hard to try and get the right thing done
I'm not sure if I care anymore
The older I get the less goodwill I am inclined to express
The older I get the more I have to push it down

I am giving up x 3

I'm so tired of giving all that I have got
My faith in other people has been shot down
And in the race towards the end of all our lives
I think that I'm the next one across the finish line

I am giving up x 3
Track Name: Shark Tank
Can I have your
Full attention
There is money to be made
Take the population
And feed them garbage
And sell them things that they don't need
Find a niche
And take advantage
Over-saturate the market
Who needs a moral code
Who needs frills
You've got a quota to fill

I need a job to stay alive
I sold my soul to the 9 to 5 set
And bigger bills need bigger paychecks
I don't recognize myself
Track Name: Listing
This ship is listing, this ship is drifting
And as a captain I have failed
Now I'm just going through the motions
Upon this ocean I can't sail

Let's blow the ballast tanks and flood the bulkhead
And send this vessel to the ocean floor
One final voyage down, to the great below
And as the pressure builds, the hull implodes

And the Leviathan comes to rest
Upon her sedimentary bed
And no more oxygen shall she breath
A fitting end to those who fail
Track Name: Hold On To Your Hopes
Hold on to your hopes, as hopes are all you've got
An isolated value or optimistic though
Take a deep breath and hold it in
This is a battle you cannot win

Hold on to your hopes as hopes will get you through
All of the hard times that constantly bombard you
And like a lighthouse cutting through the ocean mist
Hopes won't let you run adrift